Bolt-Action Waterproof Pen

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Remember that one time you went scuba diving and felt called to write down a poem and had no way to do it? Okay, maybe that was just a weird dream, but now you can make sure you’ll be equipped for all writing emergencies thanks to this Bolt-Action Waterproof Pen.

It’s a serious pain in the you know what when you need to write a note or pencil in an appointment on your calendar and your generic pen just won’t cooperate. Forget shaking and shaking just trying to move the ink or watching your get destroyed the second it gets hit by a drop of rain. That doesn’t happen with this ingenious device. The pen is 100% waterproof and features a pressurized ink cartridge that works whether you’re right-side up, upside down, or floating in space. It even holds up to extreme temperatures, so you can keep recording your memoirs in the middle of a blizzard or while sunbathing at the beach.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the pen’s design takes inspiration from the M16A4 Series Rifle, giving the piece a tactical look that’s endlessly impressive. Give this gift to someone who thinks they have everything and watch as they gleefully write on everything in sight just because they can.


Premium Materials:  Expertly machined with aluminum, stainless steel & polished copper

Rifle-Inspired Design: The robust & lightweight bolt-action design was inspired by the M16A4 Series 5.56mm Rifle

Downpour Waterproof: Rite-In-The-Rain® waterproof ink can endure any storm and extreme temperatures from -30°F to 250°F

Multi-Directional: The waterproof ink cartridge is pressurized so it can write upside down

Strong Grip & Durable Pocket Clip: The pen is designed to be gripped in any weather condition. Stainless steel pocket clip for a secure carry

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