Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Mask

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You’re a spirit. A wild thing. You’re scared somebody’s gonna stick you in a cage. Or maybe you ditch all things normal because you’d rather be natural. You belong to nobody and nobody belongs to you. But above all, you love Tiffany’s. Gorgeous, wonderfully predictable, endlessly classy Tiffany’s.

If you know someone who can quote Holly Golightly’s best lines backward and forward or who wears her hear in an Audrey Hepburn bun more often than not, they’re going to positively adoooooore this Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask. It looks just like the movie version, with robin’s blue satin fabric and thick, expertly embroidered gold lashes complete with feathery fringe.

Each mask comes with an elastic strap and a storage bag, perfect for dragging your new sleep accessory on the road, and there’s a pocket for a cooling gel pack if those late night apartment shin digs carry on well into the morning. Puffy eyes are so not Tiffany’s appropriate. Wrap up this mask for the bride-to-be, the birthday girl, or just a BFF who hears the Moon River theme in her sleep. After all, she’s a very stylish girl, isn’t she?

As seen in Better Homes and Gardens Mother's Day Gift Guide, 2016. and Madame Germany Magazine.

This versatile style is popular for bridesmaids and bachelorette party favors, Breakfast at Tiffany's themed parties, Bridal or Baby showers, costume parties, birthdays, new moms, pampering your pals, holiday gifts and more.

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