Candles for Men

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Dear Dudes,

You can be a manly man and still love your me time, even if that includes lining up a bunch of votives, filling the tub with suds, and humming along to some Kenny G. Especially if you have these candles to light your way.

Candles for Men exude masculinity from the attractive yet non-nonsense containers to the bold labeling that declares each candles scent loudly and proudly. CABIN. LEATHER. FIREWOOD. And yes, all those scents are real. Imagine your beau coming home from a long day at work, kicking off his shoes, lighting a candle that smells like a roaring campfire, and enjoying a cold brewskie. Or maybe you know a guy who loves nothing more than heading out to his lakeside retreat on the weekends and needs a reminder of his home away from home. Boom! Cabin.

These candles are all handmade in Idaho by very studly elves who are super macho and eat nails don’t even need cream in their coffee. Okay, the last bits aren’t true, but you will be impressed by the quality of these artisan candles, and whoever you give them to is sure to be mesmerized too.

This candle embodies everything you loved about your first leather jacket. Buttery rich and luxurious, this scent is remarkably true to life. If you like leather, you will be obsessed with this candle.

Crisp forest greens & warm spices create a cozy layer of pure comfort and peace.


Remember the heart-warming smell of a good fire burning in the Fireplace! This is the most realistic, best smelling Firewood Candle Anywhere! This candle acts and smells like a real Wood Burning Fireplace! Best Seller since 2012
Handmade in USA

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