Cat Scratching Mat DJ

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Is your cat known around the club circuit for spinning all the best tunes? Has he headlined at Coachella three years running? Or maybe he dreams of stardom out in Vegas, entertaining the masses as they party hard to the latest house and trance tracks? And why wouldn’t he, given his crazy spinning skills and ability to rock and roll — as long as it’s not nap time, of course.

Truth is, your kitty is as hip as they come — or at least he will be once he’s sitting behind this Cat Scratching Mat DJ. Skip right past the velvet ropes and go straight for the magic with a cardboard mixing deck-shaped scratching mat that comes complete with a spinnable deck and poseable arm. The kit is easy to assemble, which means your favorite feline can start sharpening their claws on the gritty “record” ASAP.

Scratching cat toys help keep cats’ claws trimmed, making for a healthier, happier future. Why not ensure they look darned cool while doing it? Grab a couple for all your cat-loving friends and watch their fuzzy babies drop some sick beats.

  • Cardboard, mixing deck-shaped scratching mat
  • Comes with a spinnable deck and poseable arm
  • Supplied with instructions and easy to assemble
  • Stop your cat scratching up your furniture
  • Keeps cat's claws trimmed, well maintained, strong and healthy
  • 13.5 x 5.2 x 5.7 inches
  • 0.9 Lbs

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