Chillsner, Beer Chiller (2 Pack)

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What's better than an ice cold beer on a hot day? Drinking a chilly brew is as refreshing as it gets, but few things deflate an impromptu party faster than discovering that you've left the six-pack anywhere but in the fridge. For those get-togethers where cooler space is at a premium -- or for that one buddy who always invites over a crowd but never has enough cold beer on hand -- the almighty Chilsner comes to the rescue.

Finally, there's a gift for beer lovers that's cool in every sense of the word. The Chilsner is a stainless steel wand filled with non-toxic thermal gel. Leave the wand in the freezer, then slide it into a room temperature beer. As the beer moves through the four handy built-in flow vents, the Chilsner instantly cools the brew to a drinkable temp, delivering delicious drink right to the happy host's mouth.

The Chilsner fits snugly in a standard 12-ounce beer bottle, so there's no worry about spillage, and you don't have to remove the gadget in order to drink. Best of all, the Chilsner is dishwasher-safe so there's no fussy cleanup in between uses. Grab a couple as a gift for the guy who has everything or package it with a few other beer gifts for the ultimate ale- or stout-themed gift basket.


  • Use the Chillsner to keep beer cold without watering it down
  • Drink right through it
  • Freeze and insert into bottle
  • Fits most 9" or taller long-neck beer bottles
  • Stainless steel frame freezes quickly and cleans easily
  • 4 flow vents deliver a smooth, consistent flow of perfectly chilled beer
  • Filled with proprietary non-toxic thermal gel
  • Dishwasher safe

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