Circuit Board Necklace

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It’s cooler than ever to be a coder, and these days tech experts are prized like diamonds, or gold, or a triple espresso when you’re trying to build a CPU from scratch and it’s already 2am. For the person who wants to pledge allegiance to the laptop and wear their heart for all to see, there’s this Circuit Board Necklace.

The maker behind this unique piece of jewelry takes actual recycled circuit board and cuts it into a circle. Cover it with smooth resin for a sleek, domed finish, and you have a pendant that declares your geekdom while still looking pretty darn chic. It’s an ode to all things science and electronics, with a bit of flare just to keep things interesting.

Stick a bow on this baby and give it to a programmer, gamer, computer science major, IT specialist or anyone else who appreciates living life one byte at a time.

  • Recycled circuit board was cut and shaped into a circle and rests in a sterling silver setting and is covered in a glossy coating of epoxy resin, which is beautiful and protective
  • The circuit part of the pendant is 1 inch (25 mm) tall and comes with a sterling silver necklace
  • This sterling silver necklace is 18" long (46 cm)
  • Comes in a gift box


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