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Unless you actually live in the islands (you lucky dog you), it’s a long, long way to Polynesia. If you can afford the flight just to have a drink, that’s awesome, but for the rest of us it’s a better plan to bring a taste of tropical life home to the ‘burbs. The next time your buddy is throwing a backyard luau or needs help adding some pizzazz to a pool party, bring them this Complete Tiki Kit.

Sashay up to the bar and enjoy an exotic drink thanks to this kit that’s basically a bartender in a box. You get 8 awesome ceramic tiki mugs (four tall, four short), plus a recipe book, bottle labels, fun flavor mixes like cinnamon syrup and falernum (a rum drink with hints of clove, ginger, almond, and lime), plus 8 whimsical little drink umbrellas for an extra bit of flare. No sticky mixes, no tacky plastic cups, just high-quality ingredients and glasses your loved ones will be able to toast with for years to come. So yeah, it might not be a week in Tonga, but unwrapping this kit is still an event worth celebrating.


Turn your next barbecue into an exotic luau. Love tiki drinks but not the mixers that are full of corn syrup and artificial coloring? You can have fabulous tiki drinks just the way you want them, with all natural ingredients made fresh in your kitchen. You can even create sugar-free versions by using stevia or other sweeteners.


  • The Tiki Mixers Kit includes all of the spices you need to create your own tiki mixers at home.
  • Plus 8 exclusive ceramic tiki mugs, 4 tall and 4 short, with rugged black exteriors and glossy, bright interiors, reminiscent of the heart of a volcano.
  • Makes 1 liter each of Falernum, Pimento (Allspice) Dram, Cinnamon Syrup and Vanilla Syrup.
  • Includes a recipe book, bottle labels, and 8 tiny paper umbrellas.

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