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We've all been there: you're kicking back and chillaxing, watching your favorite TV show or catching up on sports scores, all while trying to balance a plate of snacks and a cold frosty beverage. Then… disaster strikes. The cushy arm of your furniture wasn't meant to hold a soda or brewskie stead, and now you're wearing six ounces of what was once the best cocktail ever. Sigh.

Couch Coaster to the rescue! Meet the drink assistant you'll never want to be without. This handy gadget fits right over the side of your couch, sofa, armchair, or favorite recliner, keeping the central cup holder firmly upright for as long as you want. Forget about coffee tables that keep your coffee or tea just out of reach or lap trays that are just begging for you to sit up quickly and send hot liquid sailing across the room. The Couch Coaster keeps your drink just inches away and yet utterly safe from your flailing hands.

Not thirsty? The Couch Coaster is also the right size to stow your smartphone or remote or you can hide your candy, preventing any passing toddlers from stealing your treats. These coasters are the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday or Father's Day, and “just because” surprise. In fact, get some for the whole family and you'll all be sipping pretty from here on out.


  • The ultimate drink holder for your sofa, is the original and patented drink coaster which securely holds all your favorite drinks - hot or cold - on your sofa, couch, armchair, or recliner (fabric or leather)
  • CouchCoaster is made of a flexible, weighted, BPA-free silicone body with a tacky base (42cm / 16.5" in length), and provides optimum support and integrity for your drink in an adjustable holder (5cm / 2" tall)
  • CouchCoaster is designed to wrap over any armrest measuring at least 14cm / 5.5" wide with flat to gently sloping sides. Skinny or narrow-armed couches should be avoided. Alternatively, you can lay CouchCoaster horizontally, tuck it between seat cushions and pillows, or drape it over the backrest on any upholstery
  • CouchCoaster’s ergonomic design caters to a wide variety of mugs, cups, flasks, and tumblers up to 9cm / 3.5" wide (incorporating a clever slot for cup handles), while the adapter supplied creates a snug fit for smaller drink-ware e.g. bottles and cans up to 7cm / 2.75" wide
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