Craft Beer for Dogs

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Man’s best friend deserves the best, and sometimes that means sitting back, breaking out the belly scratches, and cracking open a cold one. After a long day of chasing cats, harassing the mailman, and following their humans around like four-legged shadows, dogs work up quite the thirst. Help Fido out with Craft Beef for Dogs, a delicious drink made with pups of all shapes and sizes in mind.

Rather than an ale, stout, or porter, Craft Beer for Dogs ditches the alcohol in favor of a malty, beefy few that’s perfect for even the most discerning canine palates. As if the rich, meaty aroma was tempting enough, the beer also includes K9 glucosamine, a supplement believed to help with joint mobility and combatting inflammation. If your furry BFF isn’t into drinking straight from the bottle, helping a doggy out by pouring a little of the mixture over a bowl of kibble or freezing the beer in ice cube trays for a cold, summer-ready treat.

All in all, this is one robust beverage we can’t help but give two paws up.

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