DELUXE Cooling Pour Spout

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It’s always a nice idea to bring a bottle of wine to a party, but presenting your host with a lukewarm Bordeaux is downright depressing for all involved. It’s almost impossible to keep a bottle perfectly chilled between home and your final destination and even newly bought bottles sink to subpar temperatures while you’re transporting them, but now you can bestow a racy Riesling on your best buddy without any trepidation. The key to success? Wrapping up your gift with a CHILL™ DELUXE Stainless Steel Cooling Pour Spout by HOST®.

This sweet spout is actually a triple threat, not only acting as any easy way to get wine from the bottle into the glass but also chilling down the liquid and preserving it in between pours, too. After your host pours out the first glass, show them how to play with their new toy. The pre-frozen spout (it has a matching storage tray that serves as a secure home while the spout is in the freezer) slides into the bottle, keeping the wine chilled from the inside out. The proprietary cooling gel contained within creates a cold blast that lasts far longer than ordinary ice and the integrated stopper keeps pesky oxidizing air from reaching the wine prematurely.

When it comes to being a good guest, you should always remember three things:  be on time, say please and thank you, and bring your host something that makes good wine taste great from appetizers through dessert.


  • Proprietary cooling gel perfectly chills wine
  • Stopper creates air tight seal to preserve wine
  • Chill cooling pour spout for at least two hours before each use
  • Fits any 750 ml bottle
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