DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit

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Life is hard and the days are long and all that adds up to a lot of stress and not nearly enough “me time”. Wouldn’t it be nice to give someone you love the chance to sink into a silky, steaming hot bath and soak all their cares away? What if they also got to get all crafty and tackle some super-rewarding DIY beforehand?

You can deliver all that and more when you give the gift of this DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit. At-home spas get a serious upgrade with these homemade bathrooms that are all-natural and wonderful for your skin. It all starts with shea butter, an exotic nut extract full of fatty acids, vitamins, and other beneficial compounds. Then you can customize how it looks and smells. Best of all, it feels fantastic, and isn't that what matters most?

The kit also includes spherical molds, coloring, fragrance, Epsom salt, and other key ingredients to help someone special mastermind their very own bath bombs. For the person in your life who deserves a little self-care and a lot less worry, this kit is an invitation to sit back, relax, and enjoy the some crafting followed by peace and quiet.

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