DIY Cheese Making Kit

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Who doesn’t love a pizza party? Let’s face it: Cheese is life. The only thing better than falling face first into the cheese display at your local grocery store is making your own blocks at home, but who has time to master muenster or perfect parmesan? Well, now you can give the gift of culinary genius — and a lot of ooey gooey pasta toppings — courtesy of this DIY Cheese Making Kit.

This kit allows you to stretch your chef-y skills as you turn dairy into irresistible balls of salty-sweet mozzarella. From the pot and measuring cups to the thermometer and timer, you’ll get everything you need to make mozzarella — minus the milk, of course. The finished product is good for stuffing ravioli, shredding into lasagna, cubing into an antipasto salad, layering with tomato and basil for a caprese, or about a million other uses that help make the most of one of Italy’s greatest inventions.

Send a kit to an aspiring cook or pair it with a bottle of wine for a present that’s great for date night, girl’s night in, or any other occasion that calls for a fun project with edible results. It’s even ideal for someone just setting up their first kitchen — the skills learned will last even longer than the equipment.

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