DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

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Some like it hot, and some like that hot stuff all over their food. Scrambled eggs covered in spicy red sauce. A bowl of pho ready to slap your taste buds. Tacos slathered in sauce so spicy you start to sweat as soon as the scent wiggles its way into your nose.

Now you can craft your own spicy-infused seasonings thanks to this DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit. The only kit of its kind made by an award-winning hot sauce manufacturer, this set combines expertise and ingenuity for a DIY setup tailor-made for culinary success. You get fermented pepper mash (not that powdered stuff that ditched its deliciousness years ago, thank you very much), plus bottles, labels, and a recipe book. It's everything you need to whip up some finger-lickin' sauce your friends and family are sure to love. Even the peppers themselves offer premium deliciousness as well as variety, with your choice of popular types including Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Amarillo Escabeche, and Malgueta, the same pepper used for Tabasco.

When you need a gift for someone who can't get enough spice in their life, stick a bow on this DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit and let the games begin. Perfect for aspiring cooks, amateur chemists, and anyone who appreciates the value of a homemade condiment.


  • The only DIY Hot Sauce Kit made by an award-winning Hot Sauce manufacturer!
  • We live & breathe hot sauce & will help you make your best-ever line of Hot Sauces. We used over 4 pounds of fresh peppers to make the 1.5 pounds of fermented pepper mash included in this kit. Other Hot Sauce kits use DRIED peppers totally lacking the full flavor, aroma, complexity, and authentic heat of fresh & fermented peppers
  • Our pepper mash variety has a heat range from Mild to Wild and flavor profiles from traditional to exotic allowing you to create an infinite variety of Hot Sauces at home
  • 8 premium Boston Round glass bottles to give your finished product a sophisticated look and feel sure to impress everyone
  • 8 premium labels to give your craft Hot Sauce a beautiful finishing touch your friends and family will love
  • 20-page recipe guide packed with recipes featuring flavors from around the globe to jumpstart and inspire your hot sauce journey
  • Gloves and Ph strips to ensure food safety and shelf-stability of your sauce

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