Incense Kit

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From ceremonies to meditation to therapy to a fun night reliving your hippie past with your best girlfriends, there are dozens of uses for incense and they all leave your house smelling just peachy (or rosy, or musky, or…). Now you have the perfect gift to tell someone their home needs a little aromatic upgrade. Introduce your eager nose to this DIY Incense Kit.

This kit combines all the fun of crafting with an end result that’s sure to pass anyone’s sniff test. Each set includes a total of six kits: Desire Moon, Dream Moon, Calm Moon, Heart Moon, and Manifest Moon. Whimsical names for a whimsical product that’s as fun as it is functional. Wrap all six up and surprise someone who loves projects as much as they love perfuming their home or split up the set and create half a dozen mini gifts perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers, or “just because”.

  • Desire Moon
  • Dream Moon
  • Calm Moon
  • Heart Moon
  • Manifest Moon

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