DIY Locomotive Kit

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There’s more than one reason so many people are fascinated with trains. For starters, they represent a fascinating time when people would get dressed up and board a car for long journeys to new lives all the way across the country. Second, they provide an incredible view of the word as you travel — you can even hang your head out the window like a dog and feel the air whip by as you gaze at the corn fields, mountains, and cities. Third, and perhaps most important, trains make an awesome choo-choo sound that is timeless and beloved by choo-choo enthusiasts of all ages. Enough said.

Surprise your favorite train fanatic with this DIY Locomotive Kit and give them a bit of history wrapped up in a thrilling project. There are an incredible 350 pieces of laser-cut wood in this set. Once assembled, they form a 3D locomotive that is an absolute work of art. It’s functional, too; wind-up the train and the mechanical wheels will propel the entire thing forward. You'll have to help out with the choo-choo sound, but that's a price worth paying.

Fun to assemble, breathtaking to look at, and worthy of display for years to come, this kit is one present that’s as much a joy to give as it is to get.


  • After the assembly, turn the hand-crank wind-up and watch the train go!
  • Assembled size is 14.57x4.72x7.28 Inches.
  • Includes 349 pieces.
  • Our puzzle pieces are high quality and made of non-toxic plywood that is safe for the environment is an added bonus. Because this puzzle is also used by children, we made sure that the edges of each item have a smooth finish and no jagged edges.

  • Laser-cut wood sheets
  • Spring Accessory
  • Key
  • Spring
  • Shaft Sleeve
  • Wax
  • Steel Shaft

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