European Wine Aerator

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Wine is a living, breathing entity. Although those gorgeous vats of fermented grape juice can hold their breath far better than the average Joe, they can still use a little help once it’s time to pop the cork and enjoy a glass of well-aged deliciousness. That’s where this European Wine Aerator.

Aerating a wine introduces life-giving oxygen. That O2 helps resuscitate molecules that have been trapped inside a bottle for years, or even decades. The result is better flavor and aroma, which enhances your overall drinking experience exponentially. This European-style aerator makes that process incredibly easy. All you have to do is attach the snug-fitting apparatus to the top of your bottle then pour through the wacky-looking stopper. The wine circulates and aerates before spiraling down into your glass. It's a drink and a show in one!

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone who is just tasting their first Pinot Noir or an experienced sommelier who can tell what part of a vineyard a wine comes from just by taking a whiff of what’s in their glass. Either way, they’ll love this aerator. Pair it with a bottle of wine or some glasses and let the good times roll.

The enjoyment of wine is an all-encompassing experience for your mouth and taste buds. Taste your wine before and after pouring it through the aerator, you will notice a softer, richer scent and a smoother taste.


  • Manufactured in Denmark using only high-quality materials
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