Father & Daughter Gift Set

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There’s nothing quite like the connection between a father and a daughter. First tooth, first step, first day of school, first broken heart, first car — the list of unforgettable moments is literally endless. How can you show someone so special how you much you appreciate that they've been there every step of the way?

Start with this beautifully crafted Father & Daughter Gift Set. Stella Valle’s duo is intended as a “keep one, get one” gift — if you’re a daughter, keep the bangle for yourself and give the money clip to Dad. Dad’s can do the reverse. Or, maybe you’re a mom getting the set for two people who matter more to you than almost anyone else. Either way, it’s hard not to be impressed by the clean lines and expert design that makes both pieces shine.

The most endearing aspect is the phrase engraved on each present: “FATHER/DAUGHTER – THE BEST WITHIN YOU IS THE BEST WITHIN ME.” Subtly incorporated yet imminently inspirational, sweet and endearing, this Stella Valle gift set is a wonderful way to say “thanks for being in my life.”

The set comes with a wood money clip and a Daughter Bracelet.  The money clip features a stainless steel body and real wood veneer cover.

Money clip and Bracelet are engraved with FATHER DAUGHTER THE BEST WITHIN YOU IS THE BEST WITHIN ME and Stella Valle logo.

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