Favorite Daughter Luxe Robe

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Whether she’s a bundle of energy, a little princess, or a reminder that what goes around comes around (you too were a handful at her age, right?), your daughter is one of a kind. You’ve dried her tears, celebrated her achievements, and rolled your eyes when she slammed her bedroom door for the 27th time in an hour. Yet you wouldn’t have it any other way. Why not get her a gift that salutes her status as your #1 kiddo and delivers oodles of comfort at the same time?

This Favorite Daughter Luxe Robe feels like a cloud looks. In other words, super soft and comfy. The pink lettering is perfect for girlie girls who like their clothes to have a feminine flair, while the roomy fit suits a wide range of body types and is ideal for lounging. Best of all, the back features the words “Favorite Daughter,” leaving no question as to how you feel about your offspring.

Pick this up as a present for Mother-Daughter spa day, for Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or pretty much any reason including “just because.” She’ll finally love getting out of the tub as much as she loves getting in it.


  • Incredibly soft and cozy with enough fabric to nestle up and stay in all day lounging
  • Fits Women's Sizes: 0 - 12
  • 100% Polyester
  • One Size


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