Advice For Your Marriage Book

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What do you get for the happy couple who has everything? Advice and well-wishes are priceless, and so is this Happy Thoughts for Your Marriage Wedding Shower Fill in the Love Book.

Bridal showers are the perfect place to give soon-to-be-wed spouses insight into what makes a great marriage work, but it’s easy for those words of wisdom to get lost in a haze of silly games, delicious cake, and honeymoon talk. This book acts as a guestbook and game in one. Each page features a creative prompt; fill them all in yourself and give the completed book as a gift, or rope in the other guests and fill in the blanks as a group, creating a crowdsourced present full of guidance, relationship lessons, and helpful hints.

This playful gift also includes some practical elements, like a gift log (don’t want to forget who brings that tres chic gravy boat), making this one book that will be appreciated today, tomorrow, and decades into the future.

  • Hardcover with removable clear plastic jacket
  • 7.25 x 5.25 inches
  • 96 pages

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