Forever Friends Necklace

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Handmade in USA

Quote: "Forever Friends"

Some friends you know just for a single class, a single year, or a single stage in your life. Others stick around through thick and thin. That first group may leave some fond memories behind, but it's those thick-and-thin friends that helped make you who you are today. If you have a BFF who accepts yours past, loves your present, and promises to be there for your future, give them a token of your affection that's just as timeless.

This Forever Friends Necklace is part whimsy, part sentiment, all wrapped up in a double-layer pendant. The bottom disc silver toned and features a small flower and the words, "Forever Friends." The top disc is a 22kt gold-plated brass ring with a hole in the middle that lets the little flower below show through. Leave the ring down and you have a simple-yet-elegant piece of two-tone jewelry more than suitable for everyday wear. Flip up the ring and the sweet message is visible for all to enjoy.

Grab a pair of these necklaces for two best buds who want to feel close even when they're apart or get one as a gift for a friend who has made your life extra special. It's not easy to find a kindred spirit these days; make sure yours always feels appreciated.


  • 22kt Gold Plated Brass
  • Measures: 5/8 x 5/8 in.
  • 18" Sterling Silver Bar Link Chain
  • Presented in Gift Box

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