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Let’s face it: Even the most dedicated Stark fans can’t quite figure out who everyone in Westeros is. As the battle between the North and South wages on, we meet White Walkers, dire wolves, Targaryens, witches, shape shifters, giants, Dornishmen, people with no faces — is it any wonder we’re one Red Wedding away from totally losing it? (Sorry, was that too soon?)

Thank the Seven-Faced God for this Game of Thrones Guide Book. This picture-packed book is every visual artist’s dream, with page after page of incredible graphics that convey everything from character profiles to timelines, helping you sort out your Joffreys from your Jojens. There are even essays that help unravel tangled plot lines so the reader winds up knowing more about Jon Stark than George R. R. Martin does.

This is the perfect gift for any die-hard Game of Thrones fan who has seen every season and still can’t get enough. Or, give it to that rare person who hasn’t started the series yet, so they can approach this epic saga with the knowledge necessary to keep characters straight and understand who is king when and why. The show may be over, but thanks to this book, the unforgettable world within and beyond the wall lives on.


  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 288
  • Size: 9 x 11 inches
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