Garden Cairn

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Cairns are artfully structured stone towers often used to mark a special spot, like a memorial or other sacred ground. The name is rooted in Scottish Gaelic, and the piles have a long history in Scotland as well as within other cultures like some Native American tribes. They might be used for spiritual reasons or for more practical purposes like marking a prime hunting spot or keep track of a woodsy path.

This Garden Cairn brings a bit of ancient mystique into your modern-day yard. While it may look like a pretty pile of stones, the cairn actually has a non-rusting aluminum rod in the bottom so it can be staked into the ground to keep it in place. Rather use your cairn indoors? No worries, the rocks have cork feet to prevent scratches when you place it on your living room floor or entryway table.

Choose between two sizes, or get both and make a unique arrangement that’s sure to catch your guests’ eyes. For anyone who loves gardening, history, Celtic lore, or just wants to breathe new life into their home décor, these cairns are gifts that deliver good energy and great aesthetics.

Our Garden Cairns may be used inside or out.

  • Available in 2 sizes:  9" or 13" tall.

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