Gardener's One Line a Day

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How does your garden grow? You may have a black thumb, but chances are you know someone who seems to make roses appear out of thin air. Gardening is a talent, and people who have an affinity for daffodils and dahlias tend to spend a lot of time toiling in the soil and tending their favorite blooms. Reward their endless patience and botanical intuition with a book designed to keep their gardening memories for posterity.

The Gardener's One Line a Day book invites gardeners to sum up their outdoor experiences in as little or as much detail as they desire. From spring bulb successes to weed-fighting failures to notes on bee pollination patterns and all kinds of fascinating minutiae in between, what happens in the garden shouldn't stay in the garden, it should go in this bright green journal.

Ditch the typical gifts for green thumbs and swap shovels and watering cans in favor of a present with a lot more pizazz. Whereas most gifts for gardeners tend to be a bit ho-hum, this five-year book is an opportunity for your favorite flower lover to catalog their time amongst the thyme for everyone to enjoy -- themselves included -- for generations to come.

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