Gin and Tonic Kit

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Summertime is for catching fireflies, baking in the sun by the pool, huffing the smell of fresh-cut grass, and downing ice cold gin and tonics. So many gin and tonics. There’s something simultaneously refreshing and relaxing about sipping on the perfect G&T. A little minerality, a hint of floral essence, and the bite of alcohol that levels it all out. It’s a simple drink that’s also remarkably complex — and now you can make your own flavor infusions in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Gin and Tonic Kit includes a generous assortment of spices and herbs as well as three quarts of tonic syrup. Use vodka as your boozy base, add the combination of add-ins you prefer, then mix sparkling water with the tonic syrup for the perfect topper. Squeeze in a lime and drink. How’s that for satisfying? All in all, the kit includes enough ingredients to make three 750ml bottles of gin and 48 ounces (about three batches) of tonic — just the right amount to serve guests at a barbecue or to impress everyone at the next family reunion.

Pssst… Once upon a time, gin and tonic was a medicinal cure, the drink acting as a vehicle for all those therapeutic herbs and spices. So really, once you wrap this gift up, you’re like a healer. Good job, Dr. Giftgiver.

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