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Serious question: Why do wine lovers get to have all the fun? When you’re into Carbernet or Sauvignon Blanc, you get to go to fancy tastings, sip and swirl like a certified pro, and show off all your knowledge of grapes and terroir. You probably even fancy glasses made of crystal that catch the light and look super suave. So what does an IPA aficionado or stout enthusiast get?

Well, if they’re really, really lucky, they get this Hope Exploration Kit! Beer lovers who adore hoppy beer finally have the chance to explore their passion using an expertly curated collection of beer-themed goodies. From beer-tasting glasses to a dedicated journal to a retro click pen, there’s plenty here to help someone understand what they’re drinking. The real piece de resistance? Our dropper bottles of hop concentrates that offer a better way showcase what each type tastes like in the user’s choice of beer.

Whether you’re giving someone the power to hold a beer tasting party of their own or just delivering some gift-wrapped, alcohol-infused education, this fancy kit is a hop-hound’s new favorite thing. Pair it with a six-pack of beer and some snacks and you’ve just created a present that doubles as a Friday night party. Can we get a whoop whoop?


  • Beer-Tasting Glasses: The best beer glass for drinking and the best one for tasting are two different things. These are tasting glasses, made in the USA. The shape of the glass is pleasant to look at, but I find it holds just the right amount (4 oz) for a good tasting, and feels nice in your hand. The tapered neck collects and concentrates aroma, which is accentuated by individually laser-etched nucleation* sites on the bottom of the glass. Glasses are labeled "A" and "B" for easy comparison and/or spontaneous small sample size, double-blind investigative trials.
  • Hop Concentrates: Four varieties of my hop concentrate are included in each kit. When you're done tasting, they're great for amping up under-hopped beers you may encounter when traveling. They're also great for cocktails or in home beer-making.
  • Hop-Focused Beer-Tasting Journals: The kit you receive includes two copies of 33 Beers: Fresh Hop Edition. The two hop-focused beer journals included each have space to record 33 different beers, giving you space for a total of 66 tastings.
  • Retro Click Pen: The journals are accompanied by a traditional click-style, American-made ballpoint pen.
  • Presentation-Ready Packaging: I designed the box with hop bale-inspired imagery on both the exterior and interior of the box so it makes a great impression if gifted. Thanks to the hop concentrates, it smells amazing, too!
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