How To Swear In Sign Language

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Oops, you did it again. Swearing, that is. Maybe you have a penchant for four-letter words or just like to curse like a sailor every chance you get because it feels so. darn. good. Either way, your ability to turn the air blue through the magic of speech isn’t so easy if you can’t say anything. That’s where this scintillating introduction to How to Swear in Sign Language comes in.

Each set includes a whopping 100 cards that list a swear word and show — via clear, easy-to-read sketches — how to say that naughty word or phrase in sign language. There’s also a written explanation, just to make sure you’re getting it, as well as an offensiveness meter so you know exactly how far you’re coloring outside the lines.

Perfect for communicating with the hearing impaired, these cards are also useful for picking up a “secret” language you and your friends or siblings can use to stretch the boundaries of good taste even when parents, coworkers, or uptight neighbors are in the room. Grab a set for someone who has a phenomenal sense of humor but who also likes to learn new things. What better way to get a little education than to swear your way through 100 fun-filled $*#&ing cards?


  • 3.62 x 5.98 x 1.37 inches
  • 100 Cards

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