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Goodness, gracious, great balls of... ice? It's true! The trendiest cocktail bars all over the globe are turning to artisan ice balls to chill down their signature drinks. Forget the tedious act of chipping away at giant ice blocks are trotting back and forth the ice machine for those questionably tasting chunks of the frozen stuff -- ain't nobody got time for that.

The Invisiball by Corkcicle deliveries perfectly clear ice using plain old, widely available tap water. The trick? The Invisiball turns water into balls without trapping air bubbles and impurities that affect the overall look and taste. No strange murky bits, no "fridge smell" that turns your sangria into swamp water, and no instantly diluting the perfectly mixed drink with ice chips that turn your beverage into a band mess.

Nope, with the Invisiball, your favorite home bartender is finally in business. For the avid entertainer or as a bar gift for someone who loves to show off their shake-and-pour skills, the Invisiball is a tool that turns ordinary drinks into works of art. It even works as a way to encapsulate flowers or other trinkets to add to a wedding centerpiece or giant bowl of punch. Pair the Invisiball with a bottle of your buddy's favorite booze or wrap it up with a collection of cocktail recipes so you have something new to imbibe the next time you drop by for a home-based happy hour.

The finest cocktail bars in the world go to great lengths to serve crystal clear ice—even buying and carving their ice from 50+ pound, clear ice blocks. Now, thanks to Invisiball by Corkcicle, you can get the same results using tap water from your sink: Flavorless, crystal clear ice that's free of air bubbles and impurities. 

Completely clear, premium ice spheres.

  • Includes invisiball ice form & 24 oz. Tumbler - when not using it to make clear ice balls, the triple insulated tumbler keeps drinks cool for 9+ hours or hot for 3
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