Irish Penny Cufflinks

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A penny for your thoughts? Or perhaps it should be a pingin? After all, this pair of Irish Penny Cufflinks is Emerald Isle elegance through and through, and that’s enough to make any man want to speak Gaelic. But just in case your favorite dude doesn’t yet have the gift of the gab, you can get him these shiny baubles instead.

Each cufflink features a genuine Irish copper penny set safely and securely into custom-cast pewter. The coins have the harp — the official emblem of Ireland — on one side and a hen with five chicks on the other. So maybe not “heads or tails” so much as “harp or hen”…? But we digress.

The important thing here is how smashing a gift these cufflinks would be. Slip these into the cuffs of a slick button-down shirt and you’re ready to conquer everything from the Eurovision song contest to dinner for two at your favorite pub. Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day surprise for the dad who’s super proud of his Irish heritage or a birthday or holiday gift for the guy who appreciates the beauty and fun of quirky accessories, these cufflinks fit the bill.

  • Two Irish copper pennies, set in our custom-cast pewter cufflinks
  • Diameter - 20mm
  • Comes in a gift box

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