Leather AirPods Case

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How do you listen to your music? Technology has come so far, we can do everything from chatting with friends to laughing along to celebrity podcasts all from our smartphones and watches. We don’t even need cords anymore. If you know someone who has jumped on the wireless earphone train, you probably also know someone who has lost one. Not that fishing around for a missing AirPod isn’t super fun, but while Mom is clawing through the contents of her purse and Dad is crawling around the garage searching for an AirPod in a haystack, they’re missing out on other stuff like taking care of you.

That’s why this Leather AirPods Case is so important. Brown leather construction adds durability and a rustic feel while the snap closure system ensures the contents stay safe and secure between uses. The top clip attaches the case to a belt, bag, or strap, and there’s even a slot for the lightning port to make it as easy as possible to get charged. It’s a good-looking piece that also helps prevent loss, and that makes this case darn near heroic. Grab one for the person in your life who is always misplacing stuff and help save the day.


  • Rustic genuine leather 100% full grain
  • Snap Closure System
  • Top clip to clip your AirPods on your bag or trousers
  • Accessible Lightning port
  • Bluetooth connection button port
  • Durably designed
  • Develops a rugged patina over time

  • Treat your Leather Goods right and it’ll do the same for you. It may even outlast you, and your kids will thank you.

  • We pay great attention to our materials and construction, our products are made to last for a very long time.
  • Try not to stuff your product with more than the recommended amount, or put things in there that don’t belong. If you do, it can stretch the leather and put undue stress on the stitching and other materials.

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