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When it comes to birthday gifts for mom, chances are you're probably totally over the typical flowers, candy, and soft fuzzy sweaters. Mom doesn't need any more coupons for hugs, chore wheels, or handmade ashtrays glopped together during art class (thanks, grandkids!), and you don't need the pressure of trying to pick out something she'll actually use. Get rid of the guesswork and surprise your mama with something you'll truly appreciate.

Letters to My Mom is a collection of twelve letters that fold up to create their very own envelopes. Look, Mom, no waste! Two of the letters are blank, but the other 10 contain prompts to help the writer come up with tear-jerking memories and words of praise for the lady who loves them most. The kit also includes stickers, so you can seal up your letters until the time is right. Write all the letters yourself or rope in a few of your siblings to create a group gift for mom that will make her weepy and proud all at the same time. You can even postdate them for perusal on specific occasions in the near or distant future.

There's a reason your mom kept all those macaroni pictures and toilet paper roll sculptures you made as a kid; it's not about the gifts for mom, necessarily, it's about the meaning. Luckily, this present delivers sentiment in spades.


  • By Lea Redmond
  • Contains envelopes with the included stickers, and postdate the letters.

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