Letters To My Sister

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The evolution of sisterdom is a tricky thing. Whether you’re so close you finish each other’s sentences or separated by age and interests, you’re still connected by blood and an unbreakable bond. Now you can cement that link by sending a series of messages your sibling will never forget.

Letters to My Sister is basically a letter-writing kit, but the contents offer so much more than mere paper and envelopes. Each letter includes a prompt designed to spark a thought, memory, or bit of advice you can share with your sister. Fill out all 12 letters and give the box as a treasure trove of knowledge from a big sister to a little sis just beginning to make her way in the world or send them one at a time to mark a special occasion or milestone like an 18 birthday, college graduation, wedding day, or birth of a first child.

These letters make great gifts directly from you to your sister or you can buy a kit for your daughters, friends, or anyone else who has a sister they adore of even one they’d like to know better.


  • Format: Novelty
  • Size: 7 15/16 x 3 3/4 inches

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