Luxury Wine Aerator

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Wine is many things. It’s a delicious drink, a way to forget a bad day, a way to salute a good one, a celebration in a glass, and even a sacrament, if you’re into all that. It’s also a living, breathing entity — though you can lock wine away for years, even decades, it continues to evolve in the bottle. But when you pop that cork, you may find that your Cabernet or Zin is in need of more than a little resuscitation.

Enter this Luxury Wine Aerator. If you know someone who values their vino, they need this tool in their bar arsenal. It instantly aerates wine by using pressure to push in “good air” and force out compounds like ethanol that can give wine off flavors. This helps young wines open up and old wines reach their full potential. Pretty neat trick, eh?

It’s less messy and fussy than a decanter, easy to use, and just right for someone whose personal cellar is always expanding. Who are we kidding — you’ll probably want to grab one for yourself too. You totally deserve it.


  • The Original Second Edition Bottle Top Wine Aerator
  • Stainless steel telescoping tube
  • Countertop storage stand
  • Non-drip dispenser spout to table-top provides more than 10 inches clearance for the largest size wine glass.


  • Powered by 6 AAA 1.5V batteries (batteries not included).
  • Fits most common wine bottle shapes.
  • Aerate and dispense more than 250 bottles of wine (average bottle being 750 ml) per set of batteries.

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