Make Your Own Wine Kit

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Do you know someone who’s crazy for Cabernet? Passionate about Pinot? Mad about Merlot? People who love wine know that it’s not easy to transform a handful of grapes into a mouthwatering beverage worth sipping and savoring, but this Make Your Own Wine Kit is a game-changer. Now you can become a master vintner in less time than it takes to clink glasses and yell “cheers” - no pricey diploma or trip to Napa required.

This kit is all about quality. From top-notch equipment like a glass bottle and air-tight stoppers to the ingredients necessary to make wine-y magic happen, the box is a veritable cornucopia of goodies ready to turn a rec room into a winery. Choose from flavors like fruity and smooth Merlot and citrusy and crisp Chardonnay, or tempt your friends’ palates with the bold and dry notes of a big Cabernet Sauvignon or fruity and dry Pinot Grigio.

For the foodie family member who loves nothing more than a mouthwatering wine pairing or the aspiring home brewer eager to test the waters, this user-friendly kit is a chance to explore unique project — and drink it, too!

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