Mama Bird Cuff

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From the moment the stick turns blue, you take in your niece and nephew, or you get the call that your adopted bundle is on the way, you know that you’re now a mother. Everything is new again, including you. It’s daunting. It’s thrilling. It’s absolutely terrifying. And it’s also the most beautifully rewarding, wonderfully momentous thing you’ll ever experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a piece of jewelry that summed all that up?

Cue this Mama Bird Cuff. There are so many ways to become a mother, and all of them are honored with this nature-inspired bracelet. The sleek, brushed-metal cuff is stunningly designed using a birch bark mold. The shiny brass casting is ultra-glam, but the textured finish is so realistic you can practically smell the earthy aroma of the forest floor as you flit from tree to tree. Choose from one to four baby bird cutouts to represent your little ones and the bracelet is complete.

The next time you need a gift for your mother, wife, or other maternally minded lady friend, skip the coupons for a free hug and sketchy breakfast in bed (seriously guys, cold cereal doesn’t count) and go big. After all, she’s giving all of herself to give her kiddos the world. The least you could do is give her this gorgeous cuff.


  • Cast in brass from a birch bark mold
  • Choose from 1 to 4 baby birds to symbolize your growing family
  • Handmade in Maryland
  • Made of Brass

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