Martini Kit

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“A medium-dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.” With just nine words, the ever-dashing James Bond started a cultural tidal wave around a drink that has become downright iconic. There’s something elegant and irresistible about an ice cold beverage served in that cool slanted glass. Slosh in some gin and olive juice, stick to vodka and vermouth, or garnish with an onion and enjoy a classic Gibson. However you take your martini, this sophisticated Martini Kit will help.

This handy kit is thoughtfully packed to include everything you need to make three bottles of tasty DIY gin (or vodka, if you go light on the seasoning) and three bottles of dry, sweet, bitter, or even spicy vermouth — your choice! Add in the spices and herbs necessary for infusing your liquor with flavor and you’ve got enough ingredients to create 50 drinks to share with villains and fellow spies alike.

Grab this martini kit for a bartending enthusiast or hostess who would love to treat friends and family to an expertly prepared drink. There are a few recipes to get them started plus plenty of room for experimentation. It’s basically a party in a box, and who wouldn’t want to unwrap that?

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