Mead Making Kit

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Mead is an alcoholic beverage that dates back as far as 7,000 BC. We’re talking about millenniums spent drinking this versatile, eminently tasty drink. Some cultures make their mead using honey or fruit, while happy drinkers in ancient China made their mixes using rice. In the Middle Ages, people treated mead like a sparkling table wine, clinking cups in celebration of everything from weddings to territorial clashes to the completion of a much-needed bath (we’re just guessing on that last one).

The point is, this Mead Making Kit is the result of thousands of years of tradition, joy, and communal gatherings, boiled down into one convenient package that will allow you to join in the fun with minimal muss or fuss. The focus here is on honey wine and farm-to-table production. You bring the honey, the kit handles everything else.

Pair this gift with some local honey or include several bottles with different flavors — orange blossom honey will produce a different end product than honey made from bees who ate from wildflowers, for instance. It’s science, homebrewing, and culinary exploration all tied up with a really tasty bow.

Bestow this hearty gift upon anyone who fancies themselves a modern-day Middle Ager or someone who loves experimenting with home brews, winemaking, or infusion projects. It’s perfect for first times or experts, and with the kit makers keeping an eye on sustainability initiatives, the set is even a wine for friends and family who are more environmentally minded.

Each batch of homemade mead is unique, reflecting the type of honey used, whether it’s orange blossom, tupelo or wildflower. Each Mead Making Kit makes 1 gallon or 10 bottles.


You bring the honey, and we bring the rest! Our kits come with everything you need to craft your own honey wine in just 4 weeks. Our Mead brew kit comes with all of the supplies you need to brew mead at home: 1 gallon Glass Carboy, Airlock, Rubber Stopper, Racking Cane & Tip, Transfer Tubing & Tip, Funnel, Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, Sanitizer, and Mead Making Guide.


Each mead kit is assembled by hand in Orlando, FL instilled with the core values of providing high-quality ingredients, elegant and effective design, and an environmentally sustainable mindset. Enjoy mead the right way with your own kit.

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