Merry Tree Tiered Stand

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Wish a friend or family a happy holiday in truly festive form with this Merry Tree Tiered Stand. The perfect hostess gift, this treat holder takes the shape of a cheery Christmas tree complete with a red star perched on the very tippy top of the stand. Below you’ll find three graduated tiers, each large enough to hold a smattering of cookies, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, deviled eggs, cheese and bacon tarts, or whatever other delights the holiday crowd is craving. The top tier comes with a domed cover to keep sneaky little hands from snagging the last linzer torte or mini blueberry scone. At the bottom, a side brown base serves as the tree’s trunk and provides a similar sturdy foundation so desserts and appetizers alike are kept aloft where they belong.

This tiered stand is an excellent gift for anyone who likes to entertain. Wrap one up with a cookbook for new culinary ideas (who knows, you might even benefit the next time holiday invitations roll around), stock it with your own homemade treats for an extra surprise, or include a note suggesting that the tree would make the ideal place for stowing Santa’s cookies (and a few carrots for his reindeer, of course) on Christmas Eve.


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