Missing Puzzle Piece Necklace

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Handmade in USA

Quote: "You are the missing piece to my puzzle"

Have you ever spent weeks putting together a jigsaw puzzle only to discover that that final, crucial piece is nowhere to be found? The cat's right nostril, the handle on the cabin door, the tip of the Cowardly Lion's tail – these things are important, and without them, you feel incomplete. Being separated from your bestie, platonic or otherwise, feels the same way.

Salute the person whose presence makes you whole with the gift of this Missing Puzzle Piece necklace. Two puzzle piece-shaped pendants look adorable on their own, but when you slide them together you get an interlocking masterpiece and a sweet message: "You are My Missing Puzzle Piece."

Pick up these pendants for your daughter and her BFF or keep half for yourself and give the other half to someone whose presence makes you feel whole. Looking for a gift for your girlfriend or a gift for your wife? Wrap up one of these pendants and put the other on your keychain and neither of you will ever forget that she’s the cheese on your mac, the chili on your hot dog, the apple of your eye, the jalapeno on your nachos, and the all-important corner piece that holds your life’s puzzle together.


  • 22kt Gold Plated Brass
  • 16″ & 18″ Sterling Silver Ball Chains
  • Presented in Gift Box

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