Modern Coin Holder

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The streets are slowly becoming filled with self-driving cars, we’ve just kicked off commercial tourism to outer space, and we carry phones that double as powerful handheld computers — and yet we’re still paying for things with paper money and walking home with a pocket full of coins. There’s something comforting about the enduring tradition of stray quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, but what do we do with all those metal disks to keep them organized?

This Modern Coin Holder marries tradition and contemporary ideals with the creation of a storage unit that provides an elegant way to store your coins. Classier than a mason jar, fancier than a piggy bank, and easier to use than a box buried in your backyard, this unit features a magnetized lid that slides open with just a gentle touch. That floating mechanism isn’t just convenient, it’s also entertaining enough to keep your little ones occupied for hours. Toss a bunch of coins their way and let the games begin!

This is one gift that truly is suitable for almost all ages. It’s durable, attractive, and useful — perfect for anyone who collects coins, hates clutter, or simply appreciates gadgets that reimagine how we approach everyday tasks.

  • Allows you to organize and store your change without the hassle
  • The magnetized lid slides aside with your touch, revealing the spoils you've stashed for safekeeping
  • The lid is so light, it feels like it's floating—which means it's fun to play with, too
  • The Aluminum body keep it steady and extremely durable
  • The floating lid is made of 100% beech wood with a unique wood grain that makes each one-of-a-kind
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