Mother & Daughter Bracelet Set

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There’s a bond between mothers and daughters that’s like no other. Even with squabbles over boys and makeup and school and chores, you’ve both grown up beautifully and that’s no accident. Whether you’re a mom who wants to celebrate her daughter or a daughter eager for a special way to say thank you, this Mother & Daughter Bracelet Set fits the bill perfectly.

Two matching cuff-style bangle bracelets come together to from a stunning set. Both are emblazoned with the phrase, “The best within you is the best within me.” It’s a moving tribute to a relationship that means so much, and with options for 18K gold-plated or rhodium finishes, these pieces are as lovely to wear as they are to look at.

This unique set is two gifts in one — keep one bracelet as a present for yourself, then give one to your mother or daughter and you’ll be a pair of statement-making fashionistas who are happy to wear their hearts on their wrists.


  • 18K Gold plated or Rhodium plated brass
  • 6.5in half circle shaped cuff with approximately 1' opening


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