Mountain Moonlight Necklace

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Imagine poking your head out of your tent and there, nestled amongst stars, is a shiny sliver of moon casting its magic over the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s just enough light to see the trees swaying in a light summery breeze. In the distance, an owl hoots. In the tent, your sweetheart snores. It’s nature. It’s serenity. It’s bliss.

For the nature lovers who feel most at home when they’re far away from creature comforts, there’s a piece of jewelry that connects the wearer to the awesome power of Mother Nature no matter where they go. This Mountain Moonlight Necklace features a rhodium pendant shaped into the silhouette of a snow-capped mountain and a crescent moon, all tucked into a triangular frame. It’s an evocative scene, serving as a reminder of past trips and a promise of future ones. It’s also just darn pretty.

The next time you need a gift for someone who lives hiking, camping, and nature in general, go for the elegant option with a necklace that’s simple enough to wear while scaling a mountain but lovely enough that whoever gets it will know you truly care.

  • Rhodium Pendant hangs from a sterling silver or gold plated chain
  • Chain is 18 inches long
  • Rhodium plating causes the jewelry to have a grey-silver appearance
  • Hypo-allergenic, nickel free and will not tarnish

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