Oak Barrel Mug

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Legend has it that the modern-day tradition of clinking glasses and saying "cheers" originated in medieval times when rival factions would come together to feast. Fearing poisoning, the merrymakers would all slam their glasses together, causing the ale inside to slosh into each other's cups. If one cup was poisoned, everyone would instantly be at risk. That custom has evolved into a much more refined -- and much less messy -- clink-and-drink ritual, but our love affair with big, beefy mugs remains.

This Oak Barrel Mug is the ideal medieval-meets-modern gift for beer lovers. Oak barrel construction and stainless steel accents merge for superior construction and durability, while faux rivets give the entire piece an edgier look. The metal detailing continues on the inside of the mug, preventing staining and seepage and keeping stouts and IPAs as pure as possible.

Personalize this beautiful beer gift with the recipient's name and they'll never lose track of their beverage again, a major bonus if you're grabbing this as a gift for guys who love to take their own vessels to a music festival, renaissance fair, or pirate cosplay. Not into fantasy? No problem. This mug is perfectly at home nestled in the hand of the man of the house, so he can lord over his underlings while he enjoys a swig of his favorite frosty brew.


  • Personalized Oak Barrel Stainless Steel Mug
  • Perfect accessory for Pirate or Renaissance Faires
  • Mugs has a stainless steel insert for easy cleaning
  • Holds 16oz

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