Outdoor Wine & Cocktail Glasses

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It’s hard to toast a great day at the beach or enjoy some cocktails while camping when you’re worried about the bugs dive bombing your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. For the avid outdoorspeople who love a martini or margarita as much as they adore hanging out with Mother Nature, there are these spiffy lidded Outdoor Wine & Cocktail Glasses.

Each set comes with four stemmed glasses in one of three styles: wine, martini or margarita. Snap-on, drink-thru lids prevent spillage while you sip on your drink during a concert or while strolling around a backyard BBQ, and the ingenious design includes a tab that allows the lid to attach to the side of the glass when not in use. Stack the glasses to save space or hand them out to guests for a safe way to toast all night long.

Give these outdoor wine and cocktail glasses to your adventurous friends and family members who are big fans of the beach, barbecues, tailgating, boating, RV living and more. Multiple sets mean even happier get-togethers so feel free to stock up!

Made in United States of America

  • Wine Glasses: Holds 13 oz
  • Margarita Glasses: Holds 13.5 oz
  • Martini Glasses: Holds 10.5 oz

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