Personal Library Kit

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If you want to keep your friends, there are two things you should never let them borrow: books and money. Handing out cold hard cash is a no-no for lots of reasons, but there may be a workaround for the leave-my-books-alone rule, and this is it.

This Personal Library Kit is the cure for so-called loved ones who borrow a book and then never give it back. There you are, looking for your treasured copy of War and Peace (or that trashy romance novel you adore — no judgement here!) and it’s nowhere to be found. This kit has everything you need to transform your bookshelves into a library checkout counter, including self-adhesive pockets to set up the books themselves and checkout cards, a date stamp, and an ink pad so you can keep track of who takes what and when they promised to return it.

As cute and kitschy as it is practical, this library in a box is just what every unrepentant bibliophile needs to keep their beloved collection safe and sound. Give one to your friend who has experienced book loss firsthand and rest secure in the knowledge that they’ll never be scared of sharing books again.

  • 6 x 7.5 x 1.25 inches; 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards
  • Date stamp and inkpad
  • Pencil

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