Personalized Moonshine Jug and Kit

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Personalized Moonshine Magic® ...World's Best "legal" Moonshine Making Kit. Makes moonshine in minutes!

Make your very own Apple Pie, Peach, or Cherry Moonshine right at home! The Moonshine Magic Kit includes everything you need except the booze. Just add a little likker (grain alcohol), your choice of flavoring, and some sugar for the best tasting moonshine around.

It's not quite magic, but the moonshine is so delicious, it might disappear right before your eyes! Once it's gone, the Jug is reusable, all you will need to do is order more of your favorite flavorings.

Kit Includes:

  • Everything you need to create delicious moonshine except the alcohol
  • 3 popular flavors of Essence: Apple Pie, Peach and Cherry
  • Reusable 1 Liter Ceramic Moonshine Jug
  • Mix one bottle of essence and 750mL (3/4 Liter) of Vodka, Grain, or Corn Likker in the jug. Add 1/2 Cup of sugar and shake er' up.
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