Portable Cordless Lightbulb

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Let there be light! And let it shine without electricity… wait, what? It’s true. When you need to illuminate the darkest recesses of your humble abode or just impress guests with a neat little magic trick, reach for this Portable Cordless Lightbulb and become the Edison of your time.

Who needs a lamp and a cumbersome power cord when you have this Portable Cordless Lightbulb close at hand? The bulb looks just like a standard version, but instead of the traditional filament-based light, the bulb contains over 100 tiny LEDs that emulate the classic look but with far better functionality. Simply charge up the internal battery and you get up to five hours of use. It’s a conversation starter, a unique piece of home or office décor, a sweet party trick, and a great way to find the bathroom during a power outage all rolled into one.

Give this innovative bulb to the person who has everything, including a great imagination. It makes a beautiful and stylish nightlight or wrap it up as a housewarming present or hostess gift for someone who appreciates modern styling and could use extra ambient lighting or an alternative to bland bedside table lamps.

  • USB Rechargeable, battery powered light bulb
  • Hold an illuminated light bulb in your hands
  • Classic filament lamp powered by an internal battery
  • Night light, table decoration, torch, cool thing
  • No heat / No electric shocks
  • No witchcraft involved, just modern technology
  • Glass & Metal construction - quality look & feel
  • Size: 2.5 x 4.7 x 2.5 inch

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