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Know someone who loves their coffee? Know someone who has a permanent case of the Mondays? Is your favorite family member a pharmacist who really, really loves their job? Are you an absolute bear to be around until you’ve had your morning cup of joe? They say laughter’s the best medicine, but we’re going to go ahead and say that a daily dose of caffeine cures at least as many ailments as a good joke. But hey, why not combine humor and the power of coffee into one awesome gift?

This Prescription Pill Bottle Coffee Mug takes inspiration from the classic see-through orange pill bottles with those iconic white, childproof tops. Only this isn’t for holding your latest meds, it’s a mug made just for coffee — or tea, if you prefer. Writing on the bottle outlines your “prescription” (java, of course), your prescribing physician (one “Dr. Harold Feelgood”), and even directions on how to best consume your hot mug of medicine (“Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.”).

Other details like a red warning sticker and a silly expiration date make this pill bottle mug even more realistic, ensuring it’s a great gift for everyone from everyday coffee enthusiasts to professionals in the healthcare field who deal with prescriptions and medication instructions every day. Dealing with a grumpy client or coworker? Consider sending them this mug and having them drink two cups, then call you in the morning.


  • Holds 12 ounces of coffee
  • Hilarious instructions on the Rx label
  • Great gift for anyone that loves a caffeine boost
  • Comes in a gift box
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