Punch Bag Laundry Bag

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Is your laundry ready to walk itself to the washer in protest? Give your college-bound kids or clean-phobic teens a cool way to round up dirty duds with the Punch Bag Laundry Bag. Rather than relegated unmentionables to a standard basket that gives everybody in the dorm a look at what kind of britches your best bud has been wearing, this heavy duty bag is solid black and perfect for stowing everything from bras and boxers to sweatshirts and jeans. In between trips to the laundry room, the bag can be hung up and used as a target for all that aggression. Bad report card? Pow! Parents just don’t understand? Whack! Cute girl from chemistry laughed when your experiment backfired? Laugh back and then beat on your laundry bag. You’re bound to feel better.

The Punch Bag Laundry Bag is also great for transporting items in a cool and functional way. Stuff it full of towels and gym clothes for daily trips to Crossfit, fill it with your spare set of sheets to help cushion the blows as you indulge in your daily bag boxing, or simply cram it full of extra clothes as you trek back and forth to the friendly neighborhood Fluff ‘n Fold. Whatever your chore schedule looks like, this bag makes you feel as cool as Rocky even when your stinky socks are hitting way above their weight class.


  • Big enough to hold a heavyweight load of washing & tough enough to take a beating
  • Hang the bag in your wardrobe or the corner of your room, until you're ready to take your laundry to the cleaners, literally!
  • Ideal for boxers, trousers and shirts, there's even enough room to throw in the towel

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