Real Meteorite

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Meteorites are real chunks of rock that travel to Earth from outer space. This cosmic debris enters our atmosphere every day, sometimes in groups or boulders and pebbles that number the millions. While most burn up long before they hit the ground, a lucky few survive speeds of up to 130,000 mph to reach land, either causing a major ruckus that demands investigation or sometimes hiding amongst ordinary stones and waiting for the moment some passerby realizes that they’ve stumbled upon something special.

This Real Meteorite is a piece of one such lucky space rock. In this instance, you’re getting one small but extraordinary fragment of the Campo del Cielo meteorite that crashed here some 5000 years ago. Your memento comes packaged in a diorama box that’s perfect for display as well as keeping your one-of-a-kind find safe.

When you need a gift for an amateur astronomer, rock collector, aspiring astronaut, or anyone who finds joy in gazing at the heavens and imagining what could be, wrap up this mesmerizing meteorite and get them one step closer to the stars.


  • Real Campo del Cielo meteorite
  • Box is 4x6x.75 inches

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