Real Time Video Drone

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Look up in the air! It’s a bird.. no, a plane… no… a drone? Welcome to the 21st century, aviation fans. The world has evolved, and instead of kites and paper airplanes we’re launching some of the most advanced flight gadgets you can imagine, and boy is it exciting. For the tech-loving person in your life, there’s this Real Time Video Drone that blends the thrill of flight with the memory-capturing abilities of a camera.

Give someone this drone and you’ve given them the gift of exploration. The drone’s camera takes both still pics and transmits live video so you can see life unfold as it happens. Altitude hold keeps the drone steady and allows precise navigation while simple controls for lifting, landing, and other functions suit even beginner pilots. Out-of-range alarms and bumpers help protect against loss and property damage too, so you can launch over and over for years to come.

You can’t give your teenagers actual wings but you can give them the ability to see the world from another point of you. From tech newbies to dedicated drone hobbyists, people of all ages and skill levels will get a kick out of this remote control flyer.

It's the ultimate beginner drone with 1-Key Lift/Land, 6-Axis Gyro, Headless mode 2.4GHz remote and stronger wind resistance. Fly safely with an out of range alarm and bumpers.

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